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Bespoke Home from Home Dog Boarding
Fully Licensed and Insured - Vet and Environmental Health Dept Approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the daily rate for home boarding and is there a minimum stay ?
A: Phone for the daily rate. Minimum stay is 5 days. If there is availability we may accept a booking for less than 5 days however the 5 day rate will still apply. Sometimes a small discount can be given for shorter stays depending on dates, breed of dog and age of dog. Please ask Miriam if you have an enquiry. We do not encourage short stays as it can upset the other dogs in boarding at the boarding property and too many changes of dog combinations over a short period. Most dogs board with us for a week to 3 weeks or longer. If you have two dogs, depending on your dates, breed, age and size of dog, sometimes a small discount can be given, please ask Miriam.

Q: Will I get to meet the carer?
A: Yes you will attend an interview at the Carer's home with your dog prior to boarding.

Q : Are you a franchise with hidden extra costs ?
A : No we are not a franchise. Bespoke Home from Home Dog Boarding evolved in 2000 and has always been owned and operated by animal lover and business owner Miriam Fraser. Miriam and her team of Vet Approved, Licensed Dog Carers, who are also fully insured. We pride ourselves in providing only one service which is "Home Boarding". With Bespoke Dog Boarding your dog will be with his Dog Carer the entire time and will enjoy 3 quality daily walks, use of garden any time and constant companionship. There is no Registration Fee and there is no compulsory Dog Taxi fee. We can arrange a dog taxi service if required, ask for information.

Q: Do I provide the food and treats?
A: Yes, we are happy to cater for dogs on cooked diets provided it is cooked and put in small containers by owner, we can fridge / freeze this food if necessary. Owners provide all their own food and treats and should provide more than is necessary in case of travel delays, otherwise owners will be billed upon return for food we may purchase if not enough is supplied for the duration.

Q: Do you home board such breeds as Bull Mastiff, Great Dane, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, German Shepherds, Rottweiler, Japanese Akita, Rhodesian Ridgeback and similar types of breeds?
A: We do not home board any of the breeds mentioned above as our agreement with the local council Vet and our Pet Business Insurance does not cover us for such breeds. We cater for King Charles, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Gun Dogs, Failed Guide Dogs, Spaniels, Yorkshire Terrier, West Highland Terrier, Border Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Shitzhu, Cockapoo, Papillion, miniature breeds, Labradoodle and such similar types of breeds, small to medium sized and suitable cross breeds. All dogs to be well behaved and well socialised and able to get along well with other dogs. Adult dogs in their prime should be neutered / spayed to use home boarding.
We DO NOT home board any dogs who have an aggressive / destructive / dominate nature towards other dogs or people. If this has not been disclosed prior to boarding and is discovered during the boarding the dog in question will be removed from the boarding premises. Your emergency contact will be contacted first, if they are not able to assist with the balance of the boarding then the dog will be placed in a kennel where owner will settle bill upon return of their trip. No refund of balance of days will be given by Bespoke. Contact Miriam to discuss any queries you may have.

Q: My dog is on medication, can I be assured he will receive this daily?
A: Yes, medication will be administered as per instructions.

Q: My dog is still very young and we are currently doing cage training;  is this still possible during the boarding?
A: Yes, we are happy to have your own cage in our home and will adhere to your training routine. In many cases we insist on young dogs being cage trained for bed time purposes, so it is important you keep the same routine in practice prior to boarding. Also if we need to pop out to shops, we would use a cage for young or mischievous dogs so they do not get into mischief, hurt themselves or damage our homes.

Q: Can I get an update of how my dog is getting on whilst I am gone?
A: The updates are provided on our Facebook Page which can be accessed by over 18yo only. Please go to the Home Page of my website and Click on the Link which says BESPOKE ON FACEBOOK. You must have a Facebook account of your own in order to access this free of charge service. We endeavour to put photo updates on the Facebook page with a written report usually by the 2nd or 3rd day of boarding and at least once or twice a week where possible. Clients can interact with Miriam on the Facebook Page. Please feel free to leave a review on the Facebook Page.

Q: Will my dog get to stay with the same Carer next time he boards?
A: Yes, if there is availability, otherwise we will select another Carer who you will meet with prior to boarding.

Q: How many dogs does each Carer have in boarding at any one time?
A: Usually either one or two.  Two if they are from the same family.

Q : Where will my dog sleep at night?
A : Usually in the kitchen / utility room / hall area of home. Dogs sleep in their own clean bed provided by owner. Dogs DO NOT sleep in our beds or bedrooms. Please make sure you have your dog in same routine as ours, preferably weeks prior to boarding, so we can "all" sleep at night.

Q : Can my dog be off lead on walks ?
A : We prefer to keep all dogs on leads at all times for safety and for insurance purposes. However dogs who have excellent recall and who have been boarding regularly with same Carer, may, with permission from owner, be allowed off lead in safe areas. This will be discussed at your interview. Owners who request "Off Lead", do so at their own risk ! In which case these owners should have third party and public liability insurance of their own.

Q : Can my dog have his own toys as well as bed, do I supply any other extras?
A : Yes, you can provide one to three small toys, but keep in mind if there are other dogs in boarding at same time, dogs share toys and beds. Sometimes toys are destroyed during dog play or buried in the garden ! So please do not supply any toys that are sentimental or costly in value as you may not see them again. Please do not provide your old slippers or items of your clothing or life sized stuffed dogs/toys. Yes you will provide your dog's own "clean bed" also a "clean well groomed dog", grooming tools, face wipes for eyes etc, poo bags for your Carer to use. Secure collar + lead. Upon collection of your dog, please make sure you have checked with your Carer that you have all your belongings and haven't left anything behind before you depart.

Q : What vaccinations does my dog require in order to home board ?
A : All dogs who home board must be up to date with Booster and Kennel Cough Vaccinations. If Kennel Cough vaccination has not already been administered it should be given at the time the booking is accepted by Bespoke Home Boarding. Kennel Cough takes 2 to 3 weeks to take affect prior to boarding. Dogs must also be up to date with Vet quality wormer and flea tick treatment. Evidence of Vaccinations is required to be sent to Miriam prior to boarding, paper copies of Vaccinations to be posted to Miriam, no emailed copies and no originals.

Q : What happens if my holiday is cancelled shortly prior to boarding, will I get a refund ?
A : As explained in terms and conditions which you will receive on your dog's Registration Form, payments are non refundable for whatever reason, if adequate notice is given to allow us to rebook the space there may be part refund but as most people book their dog's holiday several months to a year in advance we do not expect to be able to rebook a space at short notice as there would not be adequate time for us to make arrangements, in which case no refund would be given. Most people have their own dog insurance cover so I would suggest that you check your own insurance / travel insurance policy as you may be able to recover boarding fees that way. If you have a sick or elderly dog who is due to board and you place your booking several weeks or months in advance, we will not be able to give a refund if your dog for whatever reason cannot come for the planned dog holiday as the place has been booked and reserved in advance for your dog and the Carers have guaranteed the dates to you. In many cases dogs can develop medical issues prior to boarding and can still come for their holidays, please discuss with Miriam.

Q : My dog is not neutered, is this a problem ?
A : For home boarding we require all adult dogs to be neutered, females spayed. There are no kennels or separations and we do not want puppies or dominant behaviour nor marking territory on our furniture. Young dogs up to 12 months who are not neutered will be acceptable pending interview with Carer. Elderly dogs over age 10 or 11 years who are not neutered will most likely be acceptable as at that age there is less interest in the dog's desire to be Alpha and breeding instincts diminish. We will not accept any female dog into boarding who may come into season as this would cause problems within the boarding property and on our walks.


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